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Participate in a Contest#

A team can participate in CTF contests on the platform which accept team registrations.

Roles & Permissions for External Contests#

View Challenges✓ (1)✓ (1)✓ (1)✓ (1)
Submit Flag✓ (1)✓ (1) (2)✓ (1) (2)✓ (1) (2)
Manage contest team✓ (1)
Register for a contest
Quit a contest


  1. These permissions apply only for external CTFs, internal CTF contests organized would have member access based on contest settings.
  2. These actions can be performed only if the member is added to the contest team.
  3. Flag Submissions to challenges for which the user has management (edit) access will not be logged, or considered for scoreboard, stats etc.

Organize a Contest#

A team can organize CTF contests on the platform, both internal and external.

Roles & Permissions#

Approve Contestant
Manage Challenges✓ (1)
Ban Contestant
Manage Contest Settings
Create Contest
Delete Challenge
Delete Contest


  1. Captain's can only view or edit the challenges they added to the challenge. Challenges contributed by other members are not visible or editable for the Captains.

Add Challenges#

A team can add CTF challenges to the platform, either for public use, or to share privately within team members.

Either the team, or the member who is contributing should be verified for adding a public challenge to Traboda platform. However, unverified teams and members can create private challenges and challenges for CTF contests they organize.

Any team member (user), with the role of Captain or higher can create challenges. This member who creates the challenge shall be deemed the author of the challenge, and both the author and the team profiles will be credited in the challenge page.

Roles & Permissions for a challenge#

Untag Team
Transfer/Untag Authorship


Adding Members#

Only Admins & Owners of the team can add new members to the team.

Direct Add#

New members can be directly added to a team by using their Traboda username. By default, directly added members are given Player role, which can be then changed.

Via Invite#

  • New members can be invited by creating an invite, and sharing the invite code.
  • An invite can have slot limits, expiry timestamp and a designated role. The member shall be able to create multiple invites and view/delete active invites he/she created.
  • The invited team members can only be designated to be given a role lower than that of the member who created the invite.

Roles & Permissions#

Change Member Role✓ (1)✓ (1)
Adding Members✓ (2)
Edit Profile
Remove Members
Change Username
Delete Team


  1. Changing Member Role - Existing team members can manage roles of other team members who have a lower role than themselves. A team member is not allowed to change one's on role. However, the member is free to leave the team.
  2. Invited member can be only be designated with either Player or Captain roles.